Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Raye Review

Thank you, "LA," for this Amazon customer review of Martha Raye: Film and Television Clown:

I wasn’t a Martha Raye fan before I read MARTHA RAYE: FILM AND TELEVISION CLOWN, but I come away with sympathy and admiration—AND a desire to explore her films, videos, and recordings. This is a credit to David C. Tucker’s thorough, even-handed biography [which also] includes a ... filmography, and TV episode guide. The biography is an entertaining read that describes Raye’s long entertainment career including vaudeville, film, television, and numerous USO tours. It also includes information on her up and down personal life ... The filmography and TV episode guide are thoroughly researched and meticulously detailed ... Also included are many black-and-white photos depicting all stages of Raye’s life and career. All in all, it adds up to an impressive, enjoyable book that expertly sums up the life and career of Martha Raye.

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