Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Celia Rubenstein Loved All Mankind..."

Happy birthday (in memoriam) to the great character actress Amzie Strickland (1919-2006), who appeared in practically every classic show you could shake a stick at. Even when she didn't have a recurring character to play, most shows liked her work enough to call her back multiple times.

Here's one of my favorite Strickland moments, from The Golden Girls, playing an unexpected mourner at the funeral of a woman no one liked.


  1. That was a great scene especially the twist at the end when it's revealed that she was speaking of another woman and not the woman that is being "mourned".

  2. That was a great scene especially the part where it's revealed that the woman she was talking about was not the woman that was being "mourned" and then she kicks the casket when she finds out that Freda is in there.

  3. You sound like a true "Golden Girls" fan! It is a memorable scene, isn't it? Thanks for writing.