Friday, June 24, 2016

The Slightly Guilty Bargain Hunter

I love bargains, and I come by it honestly. My parents were both born during the Great Depression, worked at sometimes low-paying jobs, and instilled in their kids the value of a dollar.

So it isn't surprising when I'm tickled pink to get a good deal on a book I want for my collection. In the past few weeks, I've snagged the two books pictured here, among others, at discount prices. And during my publisher's recent sale on eBooks, I picked up six or seven titles I'd been eager to read. Good for me, careful with my money, right? Well, yes ...

But the authors who write books like this often don't make much profit from all their hard work. I know this from personal experience, and from some of the writers I've befriended over the years. That leaves me with just a tinge of guilt when I get a steal of a deal on a used copy, giving the author no additional royalties. On the other hand, there's probably someone out there who'd like to read one of my books, but is discouraged by the sticker price.

Fortunately, public libraries do a great job of making books available to share among multiple readers. And if you support your local used bookstore, you might just reel in some terrific deals -- if I don't see them first.

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