Monday, July 6, 2015

Blast from the TV Past

One of the most commented-on posts lately in Classic TV Lovers' Haven began with this impromptu photo I took of a page from a 1975 TV Guide. 

Evidently it sparked memories in quite a few people, who had fond recollections of the days when the long-running TV magazine came in a digest size. Back then, for you young folks, it included detailed listings for what would be playing over the coming week, customized for dozens of different cities. This one shows the channels in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding cities (including Macon and Chattanooga, Tennessee), and a typical weekday afternoon filled with soap operas, game shows, and syndicated reruns of some favorite Baby Boomer shows.

Many who commented on my post remembered being excited by every year's Fall Preview issue of TV Guide, back when there was no Internet to track every detail of new and upcoming shows.

What would you have watched if you were in front of the TV set on this day in 1975? And if the answer to that is, "I wasn't born yet," please just keep it to yourself, OK?

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