Thursday, February 19, 2015

Questions and More Questions

Over at Classic TV Lovers' Haven, I've been doing a daily "Teatime TV Trivia" question for members lately. Members of that group know quite a bit about classic TV, so the questions can't be simple ones. Even so, they're rarely stumped for very long.

Want to try your hand at a few?

Unfortunately, my trivia quiz doesn't come with prizes like this.
1. Agnes Moorehead won an Emmy for her performance in what 1960s show? HINT: It was NOT "Bewitched."

2. What classic show featured actors David Jolliffe and Heshimu in recurring roles?

3. On what short-lived sitcom did Bea Benaderet play a housekeeper named Wilma?

4. On "I Love Lucy," who emceed the Senior Shenanigans at the Rappahannock School for Girls?

5. What classic series was adapted from a novel called "Poor, Poor Ophelia"?

Post your answers in the comments below, or drop me a note if you need help with one.

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