Friday, October 17, 2014

Remembering Beverly Garland

In honor of Beverly Garland's birthday, here's a photo of her with one of her typical movie leading men, in Roger Corman's It Conquered the World:
After a career like that, you can imagine that marrying Fred MacMurray on TV's My Three Sons was a welcome change. Interviewed shortly after she joined the show in 1969, Garland said she enjoyed her new role, noting, "With a few happy exceptions, I've played mostly screamers, neurotics and just about every other kind of oddball you can imagine."
Born on October 17, 1926, Beverly had a long and successful career that lasted for more than forty years. Although she passed away in 2008, she's still fondly remembered by her many fans, whether they know her as Officer Casey Jones of TV's Decoy, Bing Crosby's wife from his 1964-65 ABC sitcom, Kate Jackson's mom on Scarecrow and Mrs. King -- or that unfortunate lady who found herself married to one of The Alligator People.

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