Monday, January 20, 2014

Joining the eBook Revolution

I must admit, I'm a late convert to the eBook revolution. Yes, I was one of those people saying, "I like real books -- paper and ink and dust jackets and all." And that's still true. But since I was given an eBook reader as a gift a few months ago, I've really fallen in serious like with it. I use it regularly, and I've already purchased nearly 50 books in this format.

One of the nice things about eBooks is that sometimes they cost less than regular books, making it easier to try new authors and subjects. I enjoy reading about TV and motion picture history, and books in that field, which often come from academically oriented publishers, are not always priced for my budget. But eBook versions are often more affordable, especially if you catch a sale. At present, three of my own titles are available as eBooks. For a Kindle user, like me, all three are available for less than $15. If your local public library, like mine, carries eBooks, you might not even need to spend that much.

Not surprisingly, for someone who still likes I Love Lucy, I'm old-fashioned enough to hope the printed book doesn't go by the wayside during my lifetime. But I'm happy to have the chance to enjoy reading in this convenient new way.

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